About us

At Bugge & Gjertsen our main focus is on the end result – the final delivery of each and every project no matter how large or small, to ensure that when the project is handed over to the customer on schedule, that each and every element from design and engineering to build quality, surpasses all expectations.

ll our dedicated staff, from management to engineering, have been involved in the marine business for 15 to 25 years and so each and every member of Bugge & Gjertsen is an expert in their field with a varied and expansive knowledge base and with an astute understanding of the industry. We feel that having our own in-house Architectural design and Engineering department is imperative to delivering successful projects to both specification and budget. With everything under one roof, we can control every stage of a project from concept to the quality of delivery. With our architects and engineers comprising of the top Norwegian professionals in their respective fields, the entire team compliments one another with their contributions to each and every project, providing a high level of professional service often with an innovative and adaptive methodology to suit every challenge.

Despite being a well-established company in the industry, at Bugge & Gjertsen we always strive to evolve and improve, enabling us to increase our capacity to continually deliver the highest levels of service.